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“The best and friendliest SPA Hotel in the Aussee, Salzkammergut region.”

SPA Hotel Erzherzog Johann is the first choice for guests, as well as business partners and owners in Aussee.


Our motto comes directly from Archduke Johann himself: “Here all sorrow s fade...”

The SPA Hotel & Restaurant Erzherzog Johann is a company with tradition and a history over 600 years old. It has always been a hotel open to all from near and far and to all guests of the Aussee, Salzkammergut region. (Overnight stays, à la carte business, events).

We run our hotel with the intention of making a profit and finance the necessary quality and service improvements from the cash flow.

Our attractive range is being constantly developed and offers only the best from the Aussee, Salzkammergut region. We guarantee a varied vacation in the TRUE centre of Austria. We know that every guest's visit is a singular chance to provide unique services. It is for this reason that we inspire our guests with TRUE and heart-felt hospitality.



We offer our guests a unique holiday experience...

...with great attention to detail, in which traditions and trends are perfectly balanced. Our guests appreciate the culinary highlights, they are here to feel good, relax and enjoy their time with us.

Our awards from Relaxe Guide, Falstaff, AMA-Gastrosiegel and Genussregion underline this added value for guests.


Our deliberations are essentially informed by those who have sought out the JOHANN as a hotel for relaxation, enjoyment and conference, as well as those people who work for or supply us. We work intensely on deepening our relationships with these people and on promoting the best possible cooperation.

Being conscious of our traditional past and long history, we act responsibly, with foresight and with a view to the bigger picture in order to remain an attractive hotel business and employer for future generations.

Trust, reliability, discretion and loyalty guide our actions and are an integral part of our corporate culture.



Furthermore, we would like to inspire our guests with our unique services and offer them an unforgettable holiday experience, always doing more than is expected of us.


One feels free here and immediately refreshed

“The air is free and so too is the mind”, wrote Archduke Johann of Bad Aussee in his dairy. And it has remained that way until today, especially on the 5th floor of Hotel Erzherzog Johann, where you have a unique view of the Aussee mountains and can really breathe deeply. You certainly feel free and immediately refreshed occupying this front-row seat. You are on top of the world and in the thick of it at the same time. After all, only a few floors below you beats the lively heart of Bad Aussee: the Lewandowsky-Temmel coffee house sits right across the street, traditional costume shops and handicraft shops are just around the corner and nature is only a few minutes away.


JOHANN has history and tells a story

The Emperor and the commoner

It was August 1819, during a reception at Lake Toplitz: Archduke Johann, the brother of the reigning Emperor Franz, sees Anna Plochl, the postmaster's daughter from Bad Aussee, for the first time. It is love at first sight and technically impossible, because a relationship between an Emperor and a commoner would only have been allowed to exist in secret at that time. Johann, however, promises to marry Anna, but it takes 10 years before he receives permission to do so from his brother, the Emperor. Then finally Johann and Anna are allowed to marry. In Hotel Erzherzog Johann you will run into their love at every turn.

The lived-in pamper culture here is immediately tangible upon entering Hotel Erzherzog Johann: in the ease with which you are welcomed, the warmth with which you are greeted, the readiness to help with all your questions, but above all in the attention and care given to you.

The original building in Kurhausplatz in Bad Aussee is 600 years old, its owners have been documented since 1447 and it has borne the name “Erzherzog Johann” since 1848 – when it was named in honour of the then imperial administrator. A reference that is still valid today, because wherever you are in Hotel Erzherzog Johann: you’ll come across Johann and Anna, the postmaster's daughter from Bad Aussee, whose love prevailed over concerns of status and reasons of state. Their story inspires us. And hopefully it will inspire you too.

Every thought of the wide world...

every sorrow disappears here!

Back in Hotel Erzherzog Johann you are quickly back on top and still at the centre of things: that’s the power of the Aussee region. Beauty has taken up permanent residence. Health, happiness and contentment live here too.

And the Aussee mountains can be enchanting – Archduke Johann knew this well: “I only feel whole when I see my mountains once more and breathe the pure air,” he writes in his diary, “here all thoughts of the wide world, all sorrows fade.” And we’re sure you’ll agree.