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Trachten and things believed about them

Bad Aussee is the traditional folk-costume capital of Austria - here you don't wear the “Tracht”, you live it. And even if the traditional costume of Aussee has been carefully adapted to the spirit of the times, the old stories are still ubiquitous: Some believe, for example, that keeping grains of salt in your Dirndl-sack will bring luck.

On the other hand, bad luck will befall any unmarried seamstress who stabs her finger while sewing a wedding dress, as this means she won't get a husband. People still believe in the devil, but like to outsmart him: To prevent him finding the bride at weddings, two other decoy brides are used to confuse him and the wedding dress is embroidered with the so-called illusion piece: a lot of gold and silver.

Daffodil festival and Kirtag

Aussee is famous for its mountains and lakes and for its flowering meadows – especially in late spring when the daffodils bloom. These are the so-called poet daffodils that still grow wild here, exude a strong and sweet aroma and have a white, star-shaped flower. Once a year millions of daffodils are woven into fanciful shapes and all of Aussee comes out to celebrate them: at the daffodil festival at the end of May.

Also not to be missed every year at the beginning of September: the Altaussee Kirtag, which takes place in Altaussee in front of the picturesque backdrop of the Loser and the Trisselwand – presenting the perfect opportunity to carry off a Dirndl and Leathers.

The fifth season in Aussee


In Aussee the custom is to stay lively in Winter: People in fairytale customs populate the landscape: You meet “Krampusses” and “Perchts” before Christmas and on January 5th, the “Glöckler” and “Berigl” – masked figures in old robes, which are supposed to drive away evil spirits and bring salvation and blessings.

The most fantastical figures come with “Fasching” (carnival): the drum girls, “Zacherl” and “Pless” and especially the “Flinsers” - their elaborate costumes embroidered with colourful appliqués and silver sequins.

The parade on Shrove Tuesday always ends at the Kurhausplatz of Bad Aussee and straight after, the “Flinsers” and thundering drum girls return to the Hotel Erzherzog Johann – come and join us!

Winter customs – an overview:


With “Flinsers”, drum girls and many masked & costumed people in Bad Aussee.


In Bad Aussee


In Aussee-Salzkammergut (Bad Aussee, Altaussee, Grundlsee, Bad Goisern up to Bad Ischl)