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Natural beauty and humanity


Archduke Johann was a busy man who travelled a lot. But he was happiest in the Aussee region – he even noted in his diary: “I only feel good when I see my mountains once more, breathe the pure air and find myself in the beautiful valleys and locals among people who, though lacking the highly praised refinements of the great wide world, are honest, open, good and hearty.”

We here at SPA Hotel Erzherzog Johann have taken our namesake’s statement to heart. And the many regular guests who come to the Aussee region because of this special mixture of natural beauty and humanity serve to prove us correct.

Bad Aussee, the heart of Austria

The small spa town, surrounded by many mountains and lakes, is at the centre of the Aussee region and the geographical centre of Austria. Despite its proximity to Salzburg, Linz and Graz, in Bad Aussee, you can expect to find yourself in a world apart, characterised by authenticity, naturalness and charm.

In 2010 Bad Aussee was also named Alpine Town of the Year and since 2012 it has been the official, traditional national costume capital of Austria - and rightly so, since there is hardly anywhere else where traditional costumes and crafts are kept as alive as here.


Dive straight in and bob about

lakes in the Aussee region

Why is water so appealing to us? It is that it glitters and shines? Its unfathomable depths? Or the mesmerising way waves crash against the shore? The lakes in the Aussee region have always captured our guests’ imaginations: Lake Altaussee, known as the inkwell because of its blue colour. Lake Toplitz, deep and dark – perhaps the reason why it has spawned so many legends?

Or the Lake Grundl, the largest lake in Styria, also known as the Styrian Sea, where you can sail and surf. In contrast, Lake Sommersberg lends itself especially well to diving and splashing around, as it is pleasantly warm.

Those who prefer to stay atop the lakes can sail around in a plätte, the typical boat of the Aussee region – at Lake Altaussee, it is very beautiful in the evening: the Dachstein's snow-covered nose glistens, the Loser winks back with its striking peak and the Trisselwand is lit up one last time by the setting sun.

The mountains in the Aussee region: peak happiness

Bad Aussee lies in the middle of mountains – the most beautiful view of it can be had from the roof terrace of Hotel Erzherzog Johann, a unique front-row seat high above the roofs of Bad Aussee.

The "Tote Gebirge" imposes with its rugged cliffs, the Zinken with its immense presence and deep green hue, the Trisselwand with its steep slopes and the Loser with its characteristic peak, as unmistakable as Bad Aussee.

Only a few minutes from our hotel marks the beginning of a panoramic hiking trail to Altaussee: from there you have the most beautiful view of the Dachstein, which at almost 3,000m high at its double peaks was long considered impossible to climb – meanwhile the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car now makes getting up there a quick and easy affair.

The most beautiful places in Bad Aussee


With the monument of Archduke Johann and coffee house Lewandowsky-Temmel.


The former salt office building with impressive frescos in the imperial hall.


The birthplace of Anna Plochl, wife of Archduke Johann.


Church of the Holy Spirit on Meranplatz and St. Paul's with a beautiful sacrament house. 


The only surviving example of the autodynamic clock stands in Bad Aussee’s main street.