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Enjoying like the Archduke at Hotel Erzherzog Johann

Eating & drinking

Anna Plochl, the wife of Archduke Johann, was a good cook. “You Habsburgs are perhaps better at governing, but we Plochls are better at cooking”, she is supposed to have said, and one tends to believe her when leafing through her cookbook. 

Her recipes still serve as inspiration for Christian Spreitz, the chef de cuisine at Hotel Erzherzog Johann, to this day and he enjoys replicating some of her dishes. For example, Hasenöhrl (hares’ ears), which sounds worse than it is, is concealed under delicious, fluffy dumplings.

JOHANN kitchen

Everything else from the JOHANN kitchen is also delicious: the dishes are fanciful, light and freshly prepared, the ingredients are mostly sourced from the region: Beef and lamb come from animals raised in Aussee, the sheep's cheese is also locally sourced as is, of course, the arctic char.

And so only delicacies worthy of the Archduke leave the JOHANN kitchen: Anna Plochl would have enjoyed it - and I'm certain you will too!

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"Homegrown, seasonal ingredients are very present in Erzherzog JOHANN’s menu. You will enjoy delightful culinary creations in comfortable lounges for high demands. Climb the peak of highest enjoyment at our restaurant!”

Your Christian Spreitz, chef

JOHANN restaurant

At our JOHANN restaurant you can enjoy you food & beverages either in one of our traditional lounges, the JOHANN bar or on the sunny garden terrace.

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